Reimagined mobile and web app development

We use multi platform language to develop all types of applications and SDK(s). We ensure clean architecture and detailed approach to the app development process. Starting with the initial ideation and strategy, we work closely with you through development, launch and active support to create an innovative and user-friendly product. Our developers team ensures technical aspects throughout, and our consistent testing process establishes quality throughout.

Android Development

The team is highly equipped with Kotlin and Java, and aims at clean modular architecture which helps

iOS Development

At WouaLabs, we have talented iOS app developers and experts proficient in both Swift and Objective C.

Web Development

Yes, we build web applications for your business with reusable components. We design and develop unique,

UI/UX Development

User Interface and experience is the key for Wow feelings for customers, and WouaLabs totally is with you.

Release engineering

Release engineering involves building fast and reliable pipelines to transform source code into viable products.

Digital marketing

We are the best in Digital marketing with digital experts to plan the digital strategy and step by step executive.

Internet of things(IOT)

WouaLabs IoT services help you shift and accelerate your business to an intelligent IoT based infrastructure.


WouaLabs provides cloud computing services that are designed to be heavily automated and


An experienced data scientist is likely to be a trusted advisor and strategic partner to the organization’s upper

Best practices that we follow?

 eXtreme programming
 Test driven development (TDD)
 Industry standard architecture, design principle and patterns
 App and SDK development
 Automated unit testing
 CI/CD Automation
 Private cloud artifactory for remote distribution


What makes us the best choice for app development?

Development practices

Our team of developers think from a broader perspective by using the development practices from" "eXtreme programming". This would result in increased throughput of higher quality software that delights end-users. Elements of eXtreme programming:

  1. 1. Pair programming
  2. 2. Extensive Code review
  3. 3. Unit testing of all code
  4. 4. Code simplicity and clarity
  5. 5. The problem is better understood
  6. 6. Frequent communication with the customer and among programmers

Reduced software development cost and time

Reduced cost & time
Want to develop your app within 45 days? We keep our solutions business-ready at all times. With just a little customization to our software development kit(SDK), we deliver high quality applications within 45 days that otherwise would take almost 3-6 months to develop. "We make only reusable solutions that can be utilised across your organisation"
Reduced cost to market
We're not gonna develop your product components from scratch, instead leverage our existing robust, reusable and scalable components. This coupled with affordable pricing options tailored to your exact business requirements, we save costs for both of us.

100% reusable and customizable code

1.We identify the parts of your software which needs to be divided into chunks. We follow the essential attributes such as modularity, high cohesion, loose coupling and test methods to make reusable software. 2.We apply industry standard design patterns and design principles to make sure the software components are reusable. 3.We use cloud artifactory to distribute the software development components. Highly customizable
All our solutions are 100% customizable and that can be utilised across organisations. We have modular and scalable components that can easily be tailored to you existing application or you new application with almost no additional time to market

Guaranteed Delivery

We follow an industry standard approach on our software development process. Our development team spent 9+ yrs in the industry perfecting our process and products, so we can assure that GUARANTEE DELIVERY of all projects. We support projects irrespective of geo-location or project size.

Legacy project rescue

A common issue with software development is dealing with unmanageable technical debt on the projects. While we focus on the functionalities, we tend to lose focus on maintainability, readability, extensibility, etc. Often this results in poorly designed code, which makes the code-base a liability. Somehow the team manages to get a few releases out of the door, but development comes to grinding halt in future releases. Our team sticks to design principles, design patterns, common code smells and architectural oriented refactoring techniques. We not only focus on cleaning existing tech debt, but also strive to ensure that such issues don't occur in future releases.

Lifetime Support

We provide 24/7 support to the customer after we deliver the product. We offer 150 days of free support!!